The Voice & The Music

A Message Steeped in Love


My Writing Is ...

The belief of the Unity of the struggle and the never-ending goal for Universal Love.

Born in Wilmington, NC, Neil has lived in various parts of the United States. He recorded his first album in 2009 (Marionette) after moving to Atlanta, GA. While Marionette was an amazing first album recorded by his dear friend Jason Roy of Building 429, his songs and albums have morphed into the blues and soul-soaked Americana sound that distinctly signifies a Neil Cribbs song.

Lyrically his early songs created broad messages of love, struggle and overcoming adversity. As the albums continued they became a bit more personal. The fourth album Built, Broken, and Mended is loosely based on a 1930s theme embracing gypsy jazz, New Orleans swing and dustbowl ballads. Conceptually chose, this was a time when human perseverance rested at the forefront of humanity.

As the songwriting continues so does the morphing and blending of styles. He creates his own mixtape of independently written songs consistently pushing the notions of positivity, love, and unity.

This is a Song.
For the Ones We Love
The Ones that Are Standing
And the Ones Above


And the Notes Go Ever On . . .

A Message From Neil

If you are here reading this text I know that you have an immense amount of support and love for independent and local music. It is people like you that continue to push us to create and splash notes and lyrics on the empty canvas. YOU are the reason we are able to do what we do and we love you for it. Thank you.